Superdank Family

Black SUPERDANK weed bag with flower sitting on a white background.


SUPERDANK Flower has the only weed you need. Affordable, great selection and always the super dank. Our flower will have in a different galaxy.
SUPERDANK Vape multicolour vape family on white background.


SUPERDANK Vapes use only pure organic C02 Oil extracted from the tastiest strains and averaging above 90% THC. Our hardwear has the latest gen crystal magic.
Red SUPERDANK Edibles candies on a white background.


MADE WITH LOVE. Our edibles come with the perfect amount of THC, juiciest flavour and always amazing value. Enjoy the taste and share with friends.
Golden SUPERDANK Shatter & Black bag on white background.


SUPERDANK Shatter hits harder. We source the absolute best organic strains and make the magic shatter you need. Taste the difference.

Find A Retailer Near You

At SUPERDANK, we take pride in providing high quality vapes, edibles & flower for our customers all across the country. With such a vast network of retailers stocking our range of organic C02 oils & SUPERDANK flowers, no matter where you live or shop, finding premium SUPERDANK products has never been easier than it is now!