Blueberry Shortcake (Vibrant Cannabis Co.)


Indica Dominant Hybrid | THC: 22-24%

Blueberry Shortcake is a slightly indica-dominant, three-way hybrid from the delicious Blueberry, Cherry Pie, and Sour Grape strains. The buds are long and angular, a light, dry-grass green, have a few purple leaves and orange pistils, and are covered with a decent coating of sparkling white trichomes. Right off the bat, rich grape and cherry notes rush the senses, followed by notes of sweet berry and earth. The flavour profile is like the smells, with fresh fruit, sugar, and an earthy nuttiness to it. When chopped, rolled, and smoked, Blueberry Shortcake burns quite evenly to fluffy light grey and white ash.

Flavours: Berry, Earthy, Grape, Herbal
Effects: Body High, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
Medical: Appetite Loss, Depression, Fatigue

Blueberry Shortcake (Vibrant Cannabis Co.)
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