Co2 Oil Cart


SUPERDANK C02 Vape Cartridges combine the best hardware with the purest oil, SUPERDANK aims to introduce a higher level of standard in the vaping industry. CO2 extraction does not deactivate the plant terpenes and cannabinoids making it the highest quality oil on the market.

Capacity: 0.5ml per cartridge
Oil Profile: 70% Delta 9 THC, 10% Delta 8 THC, 1.2% CBD,  Terpenes
Vitamin E Acetate free – 510 Thread

Varietal: C02 OIL
Vibe:  Smooth / Heady
Initial Dose: Vape & Chill
Activation Time: Immediate
Duration: 2-3 hrs
Dark chrome THC Cannabis Vape cartridge filled with golden oil on white background.
Co2 Oil Cart
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