SOUL TRIBE X SUPERDANK $700 Contest Details.


We love giving free things to people that enter our to SUPERDANK X Soultribe Contest – $700 Prize pack giveaway contest! Noting bring us more joy than giving someone big prize packs filled with all that SUPERDANK Dankness. Well, maybe going to the festival and dancing in the front of the speakers, maybe puffed a little and did a shroom. Vancouver is the BEST place to get down on the dancefloor with friends and smoke a little dank budz. We can’t wait to be hanging with you on the dancefloor. Best place on earth if you ask me. IDK, its crazy times and we all need a little rest and relaxation. So to reiterate, we are going to give away prizes worth $700 to two lucky winners. and make sure they are SUPERSTOKED with some SUPERDANK! We love getting Faded in the park and making contact in space or running through village at Shambahala Music Festival. So many really fun things to do!! SO SEE YOU ON THE DANCEFLOOR!


I mean its pretty simple to see we got the dank on lock. Fastest local cannabis delivery and always with a big smile on our faces. You will have a smile after you receive your package. Our products are all top shelf cannabis, edibles, extracts and vape and you can tell by the flavour. All organic all the time, we don’t mess with them weirdo chemicals. You can trust in SUPERDANK to only get you the dankest of the dank and deliver it to you doors in under 90 mins. Thats FAST, so fast that you had better be there when we get there!! So give us a call and we’ll be over faster than you can say CANDYMAN!